how to login?

use your facebook account to login or register an account on pApperplate. its Free!

what does the word Neighbor mean on pApperplate?

these are our Family, Friends, Schoolmates, and Co-workers. the people we Know and Care about! :-)

how to post on pApperplate?

why do I have to select if my post is Food or Groceries or Others?

grouping your posts will enhance the viewing experience of your post history and to access them on your profile with ease.

how do I reserve a post made by my neighbor?

tap the I'll take it! button and your picture should appear.

what do I do after I reserved a post?

use the comments section of the post to discuss the best time and place to meet with your neighbor.

can I reserve a post even if the poster is not my Neighbor?

no you can't. you have to be Neighbors first. however, tapping the Delish button or posting a Comment is open to all posts.

how do I unreserve a post if I changed my mind?

if the reserved button is yellow, only you or the poster could reverse the status to I'll take it!. Just tap the yellow reserved button and the post will become available again for others to reserve.

what happens after 24hr period after reserving a post?

the yellow reserved button will change to red reserved button. At this point, changing the status of the post back to I'll take it! is no longer possible. Keep in mind that the color coding is for technical reasons only. You can actually get the Food or Grocery anytime from your neighbor after reserving it. :-)

how to search for people I know on pApperplate?

what can I post on pApperplate to share with my Neighbors?

all sorts of hot and cold food, candies, chocolates, chips, drinks, pizzas, chinese food, appetizers, deserts, gluten-free items, burgers, frozen food, vegetables, fruits, condiments, and a whole whole lot more.

whats the best wat to generate interest in my post?

make it presentable, artistic or taking a food-selfie might help. more importantly, just post what you're willing to share and just let it happen.

what should I not post on pApperplate?

drugs, alcohol, tobacco, animal food, weapons, nudity and etc. (check terms of service). If you find some poststo be offensive just tap the 3 dots button in the caption section to hide or report post.

can I delete my post?

of course! go to your profile and swipe left the post you want to delete. Dunzo!

how do i invite or encourage my Family and Friends to use the pApperplate app?

thanks for asking!:-)

how to post on pApperplate and share it simultaneously on facebook and twitter?

who can see my post on the Table feed?

the Table feed is in public settings at the moment. your posts will be seen by every user on pApperplate.

but why?

since pApperplate is only at the early stage of a starting line, having the Table open will allow us to learn and see how the community is progressing.don't worry, though - eventually, your Table feed will become private where your posts will only be seen by your own neighbors.

is the pApperplate app available in my country?

at the moment, the pApperplate app is only available in the United States. but the Goal and Dream is to serve everyone in all fours corners of the World.:-)